Facebook Adds Multiplayer Games During Messenger Video Calls

Facebook Adds Multiplayer Games During Messenger Video Calls

Social media giant Facebook has announced that it is adding multiplayer games to its Messenger video call feature. The new feature is designed to enhance the user experience, making it more fun and interactive. The feature allows users to play games with up to eight friends while on a video call. Facebook has introduced a number of games to the feature, including classics such as “Words with Friends” and “Uno.” The feature is now available globally on the Messenger app.

The addition of games to video calls is not a new concept, with many other video chat platforms already offering similar features. However, Facebook’s integration of games within Messenger video calls is unique in that it allows users to play games together while on a call, adding an extra layer of interaction and enjoyment.

To use the new feature, users simply need to start a video call with one or more friends on Messenger and then tap on the new game controller icon. This will bring up a list of available games, and users can then select the game they want to play. Once the game has started, users can see each other’s moves in real-time and interact with each other through in-game chat.

The new feature is part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to enhance the Messenger platform and provide users with new and exciting ways to connect with each other. The social media giant has been expanding the Messenger platform in recent years, adding new features such as payments, chatbots, and augmented reality filters.

The addition of multiplayer games to Messenger video calls is also in line with Facebook’s broader strategy of increasing user engagement and time spent on the platform. By adding more interactive features, Facebook hopes to keep users engaged for longer periods of time and encourage them to invite more friends to join the platform.

Facebook has been facing increasing competition from other social media platforms, such as TikTok and Snapchat, which are popular among younger users. The addition of new features like multiplayer games is aimed at keeping Facebook relevant and attracting a younger audience.

In conclusion, the addition of multiplayer games to Messenger video calls is a welcome addition to the Messenger platform. The feature adds an extra layer of fun and interaction to video calls, making them more enjoyable for users. With the ongoing expansion of Messenger and the addition of new features, Facebook is working hard to keep users engaged and attract new users to the platform.

Facebook has announced the addition of multiplayer games to its Messenger app, allowing users to play games with friends while on a video call. This new feature comes as the company looks to expand the social experience on its platform and bring people closer together through shared activities.

The games available on Messenger include classics such as “Words With Friends” and “Sudoku,” as well as new games like “Mars Dash,” a space-themed running game. Players can challenge each other to games, or join a game with friends who are already playing.

To access the games, users can tap on the game controller icon that appears during a video call, or by swiping up on the call screen. The games can be played in portrait or landscape mode, depending on the player’s preference.

Facebook’s move into gaming is not new, as the company has been making efforts to expand its gaming offerings for some time. In addition to the Messenger games, the company has launched Facebook Gaming, a platform that allows users to stream and watch games, as well as play games with others.

The addition of games to Messenger is part of a larger push by Facebook to make its platform more interactive and engaging. The company has also introduced features like “Watch Together,” which allows users to watch videos together in real-time, and “Rooms,” which allows users to create virtual meeting spaces for group video calls.

Facebook’s focus on social experiences and shared activities is likely to continue, as the company looks for ways to keep users engaged and on its platform. With the addition of games to Messenger, users can now enjoy a new way to connect with friends and family, even when they are far apart.